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Love spot! - Taffy - 08-09-2019

When Marc Warnke gave a presentation at the 2019 Rendy he mentioned not all goats have the same "love spot."  We need to find where they like to be loved on.

Bourbon doesn't really like his head scratched but OH BOY, does he love his hips and thurls scratched!  I've definitely found his "love spot!"

RE: Love spot! - Nanno - 08-11-2019

What a great video! Cuzco used to just about turn himself inside-out when we scratched his bum too. Finn does the same thing, but I can't say Finn has a particular "love spot." Finn loves to be loved all over! In fact, he spent some time on the back porch with us today, soaking up all the attention (and jelly beans!) we would share with him.