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Kiko buck - Boyle.joe - 05-14-2019

We have been  purpose breeding pack Goats for the past several years. We are getting out of the pack Goat game because of my sons injury that I mentioned earlier. We have sold our string of Trained Goats to someone who I am confident will put them to good use. 

We still have our breeding buck.  I found the Kiko added size and strength and endurance to our pack Goats. We used a kiko LaMancha mix  and had great success.

If you’ve researched the Kiko breed and are considering adding their genetics to your breeding program I have an excellent proven buck.

 Unfortunately he was two when I bought him so he has had no training curing a pack himself, but his offspring have proven to be excellent Packers. He is larger than average even for a kiko weighing in at just under 300 pounds.   He’s friendly and takes treats and is not hard to work with but I don’t think he would be useful himself as a packer.