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Veterinarian Recommendations - Taffy - 05-01-2019

Locating a knowledgeable goat veterinarian can be difficult.  Especially so if you need one when you're traveling.  Please post names and contact information for vets you recommend.  I'll compile the list and make it available here.

I also asked this same question on a few goat Facebook groups and will include those recommendations also.

RE: Veterinarian Recommendations - Nanno - 05-01-2019

Mesa Vet in Pueblo, CO - 719-542-6075.

Hillfarm Vet in Pueblo West, CO 719-247-3962

RE: Veterinarian Recommendations - Ann in NH - 05-05-2019

Dr Simon George, DVM. Deerfield Veterinary Hospital, Deerfield, NH (603) 463-7775

RE: Veterinarian Recommendations - Mike - 05-06-2019

Clover Valley Veterinary Services
3805 SE Donato Ln 
Port Orchard, WA 98367

Phone: (360) 917-5887 


RE: Veterinarian Recommendations - blackie's maiden - 06-30-2019

For Central Texas, Dr. Wright, Belton Animal Clinic, Belton, TX. Long drive for us, some 80 miles plus but we have had really bad luck with those closer.