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31st NWODGA Goat Conference - Taffy - 02-11-2019

The 2019 Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Assoc. Goat Conference (the 31st annual goat conference!) will be held on February 23rd in Clackamas, OR.

NAPgA President Curtis King and I will be teaching a goatpacking class.

There is a class taught by Sheila Thyssen on Long Distance Traveling with Goats that is fabulous! It's a must-take class filled with excellent tips and information.

There will be 4 different sessions with classes offered in each session. Catered lunch, vendors, a raffle and more!  Here is a link to the website for further information.

Here is a list of the speakers and their classes. Which session they are presenting in will be announced sometime this week.

Speaker and Topic

1 Dr. Steve Hart (Keynote) Langston University, OK Parasite Management Part 122
2 Dr. Steve Hart - Parasite Management Part 2
3 Dr. Steve Hart - Fecal Workshop
4 Dr. Lauren Acton - Acupuncture
5 Dr. Lauren Acton - Tempo Herd Management
6 Dr. Susan Kerr - Biosecurity - a Farm Set Game
7 Dr. Susan Kerr - Necropsy
8 Dr. Susan Kerr - Disaster Preparedness for the Goat Farmer
9 Dr. Charles Estill - Goat Keeping 101 Part 1
10 Dr. Charles Estill - Goat Keeping 101 Part 2
11 Dr. Charles Estill - Reproductive Management
12 Lisa Shepard - Dilemas to Solutions - Using ADGA Performance Programs
13 Lisa Shepard - DHIR - Do’s and Don’ts - How to Not Wreck a Record
14 Lisa Shepard - DNA Tests Available Through ADGA and What They Can Tell You
15 Lorrie Conway - Goat Keeping Q & A
16 Rick Ius - Clipper Blade Care
17 Alex Appleman - Cheese Making
18 Alex Appleman - How Can Breeding Mr. EX 91 to Mrs. VEEE 91 Produce Miss V+VV 84?
19 Kat Drovdahl - Herbalism
20 Kat Drovdahl - Essential Oil Use
21 Cristen Sullivan - Milking Procedures for Quality Raw Milk
22 Cristen Sullivan - Pros and Cons of Milking with a Machine
23 Jennifer Cruikshank - Goat Genomics
24 Taffy Mercer and Curtis King - Packing with Goats
25 Gary Fredericks - Using Body Condition Score to Evaluate Feeding Management
26 Gary Fredericks- Feeding Hay and Concentrates - Reaching a Balance
27 Erin Healy - Beginning Soap Making
28 Erin Healy - Natural soap (using natural colorants and essential oils)
29 Erin Healy - Goat Milk Bath Bombs
30 Lori Townsend and Shelley Hansen - Disbudding and Neutering Kids
31 Shelley Hansen - Introduction to Goat Carting
32 Pamela Miller - Soap Felting - Limited to 20 participants
33 Pamela Miller Soap Felting - Repeat - Limited to 20 participants
34 Alyse Armstrong - Selecting and Feeding a Wether for the Livestock Auction
35 Cheryl Smith - Goat Midwifery
36 Cheryl Smith - 10 Tips for Keeping Your Goat Healthy
37 Lichen June - "What is Permaculture? A Fun, Fact Filled Introduction For Goat Owners"
38 Carol Ronan - Fiber Goats: Breeds, Fiber Types, and Uses
39 Amy Akramoff - Judging Basics
40 Amy Akramoff - Judging Basics for Youth
41 Janet Tilp - Fiber Goats
42 Kathleen Sackman DHIR Tester Training - Part 1
43 Kathleen Sackman DHIR Tester Training - Part 2
44 Ashley Culver - Meat Goat Fitting
45 Ashley Culver - Meat Goat Showmanship
46 Melanie Fergason - Dairy Goat Showmanship
47 Melanie Fergason - Youth Activities at the ADGA National Show
48 Elisabeth Bueschen-Monahan - Organic Goat Dairying
49 Sonia Thyssen - Long Distance Traveling with Goats

RE: 31st NWODGA Goat Conference - Nanno - 02-11-2019

Sounds great! I wish we could be there. Is there any chance you and Curtis could get your talk on video?

RE: 31st NWODGA Goat Conference - Taffy - 02-11-2019

Not this year.

RE: 31st NWODGA Goat Conference - Taffy - 02-24-2019

NAPgA President, Curtis King, and I had an outstanding turnout for our goatpacking class!  35 people including those getting ready to buy their 1st goats to seasoned goat owners.  Several 4-H youth, their leaders and lots of adult attendees.  There was a lot of interest at the packgoat display.  "Dolly Lamba" (my life size sheep) dressed in her goatpacking gear and sporting new horns was a HUGE hit!  Both Curtis and I had people ask us to take photos with their phones of them with Dolly.  We reached a large number of people and hopefully will have new goatpackers join our ranks!




RE: 31st NWODGA Goat Conference - Nanno - 02-24-2019

What fun! I'm so glad you had such a great turnout! Thanks for getting out there and "spreading the love" for packgoats. Maybe in a few years you guys will have enough people with their own packgoats that you could run a packgoat obstacle event at this show. Wouldn't that be fun! Do you know if Curtis was able to sell any of those calendars?

RE: 31st NWODGA Goat Conference - blackie's maiden - 01-11-2020

Sounds like.a.very successful p.r. for goat packing. Atta, girl.and Atta, boy to both you and Curtis. Love your model sheep,.darn, it looks real. Connie