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Message Font size - Perry - 11-30-2018

I don't seem to be able to control font sizes if I cut and paste text into a planned message.  Thoughts? Suggestions?  I'm using MS Edge for a browser.

RE: Message Font size - Nanno - 12-01-2018

The font size adjusting tool in this forum isn't that great, but it is there. First off, make sure you're not using the "quick reply" box at the bottom of an established forum because the quick reply doesn't have a toolbar. If you create a new thread you'll have the toolbar automatically in place, but if you're replying to a thread, make sure to click the "New Reply" button at the bottom of the screen. Then you'll have access to the toolbar. Now look along the row above the text box and about 1/3 of the way from left there are a couple of "A's" the A with the red arrow next to it is for font size and it gives you a few options. Hope that helps!

RE: Message Font size - Perry - 12-01-2018

Hi Nanno,

I've tried using the A with arrow font sizing tool.  Apparently, I am trying to do something that it was not designed to do.  If I have some text that's larger or smaller that the rest of the text in a message (usually due to cut & paste activities), I've tried to select the text and the use the A with arrow font sizing tool, but it does not change the text size for me.



RE: Message Font size - Nanno - 12-02-2018

Hmm... I'm not sure why it's not working for you. I wonder if we need to update our website. I'll let Phil know what's going on and maybe he can look into it. He's the technological genius around here. Wink

RE: Message Font size - Nanno - 12-04-2018

Ok, so Phil has a couple of suggestions. When you cut and paste, there is an option to "Paste and Match Style" when you right click. You can also highlight your entire post and click the A- symbol to the right of the A with the arrow. This removes formatting. I hope these suggestions help. I don't have MS Edge so I'm afraid I can't try it with your browser.