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Wether Identification - Taffy - 05-30-2014

How are your packgoat wethers marked for identification? Are they tattooed, microchipped, scrapes tags?

If you have LaMancha and the kid is still too young to do the tail web tattoo what do you do if you want to take them out of state?

RE: Wether Identification - Charlie Horse - 05-30-2014

There are lots of ways to identify a wether. For me, and I'm only speaking for myself, the fastest way to identify one is to look under the tail-- No girl stuff? No boy stuff? Its a wether!

I just use a dog tag on the collar. Of course mine only wear the collars when they're on the trail, but if they're loose in the neighborhood, everyone knows who owns them anyhow. What good is a tatoo or a microchip when only a government worker or vet can read it? Unless you have to get an ear tag or some crap for travel, stick with something everyone can read- A tag.

These guys are the absolute cheapest way to go, and the tags work just fine. 5 star rating from me.

RE: Wether Identification - Dwite Sharp - 05-30-2014

My Pack goats are micro-chipped (at the base of the right ear) and some are also tattooed, but never ear tagged. The way I understand the law to read, is that your goat must have a positive way to identify it and it's place of origin, but does "NOT" have to be an ear tag, scrapie or otherwise. I sold four Packgoats to Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey last October. To make this happen lots of "T's" had to be crossed and "I's" dotted. I tattooed and micro-chipped all four as I have done in the past and their Veterinary Department concured, that was more than enough. Also the ADGA has a wether registry, where you can register your wethers Tattoo numbers and they will then be identified as belonging to the person that registered them. This, a record, on file with a major caprine orginization. Hope this is helpful !

I failed to mention, that on the trail, when they are wearing a collar, I have a Stainless steel I.D. tag that has my name, address and phone number (not the goats name).

RE: Wether Identification - Taffy - 05-30-2014

Dwite, I didn't know you could do a Certificate of Identification with ADGA. Thanks! For anyone interested in doing this here is the .pdf file:


RE: Wether Identification - Nanno - 05-31-2014

Ooh... that's cool. I did not know you could do that with ADGA. All of my goats have ear tattoos and collars with I.D. tags. Our I.D. tags have the goat's name (makes it easier for anyone who has to care for them when I'm gone), me and Phil's name, address, and phone number.

RE: Wether Identification - Nanno - 05-31-2014

I'm curious... wasn't there a pack goat registry at one time? Does anyone know what became of that?

RE: Wether Identification - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 05-31-2014

I cant tell ya other then there is nothing about it on the web...

RE: Wether Identification - Curtis King - 06-01-2014

Curtis King likes this thread.
Im having ID tags made for all my goats that will include my name phone number and address. My vet is puting Tattoos on all my boys this week in prep for the Rendy in Bend OR and other back country fishing trips we will be doing this summer in eastern Oregon.

"Long Live The Pack Goat"
Curtis King

RE: Wether Identification - Taffy - 06-13-2014

Charlie Horse, I ordered ID tags form the company you suggested and they are really nice. The 3 boys are getting tattooed today. Thank you Dave and Tracy for helping Mary tattoo their tail webs! Yeah, my boys are earless. Big Grin

RE: Wether Identification - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 06-13-2014

Your welcome Taffy Smile Always nice to get a visit. The boys look real nice but that lighter one is a power house! Cant wait to see him in a couple of years. Might even give Legion a run for his money Smile And of course as I have said before, the Lamancha / Alpine cross would be my top cross bred pick.