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Our New Family Member & Other Chit-Chat - N5TIE - 07-28-2018

Smile we bought a second kiko from same lady Frankie from. Meat goat raisers, the lady had to bottle.feed these two and got too attached to see them wind up cabrito. Originally named "Ornery", we changed it to "Butterscotch" because of his color and.because we were afraid a "Ornery" could become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Turns out he is only one month younger than Frankie but the bottle work was already done...yippee!

We took the two plus our 15 month old Nubian-lamancha cross out to our Waco equestrian park Wednesday, Butterscotch's first trip. It was 103 degrees but the sunny stretch to the shade of the forest is reasonably short, thank goodness. I was surprised how quickly we.were able to take him off the rope and he followed, although always the caboose. 

We were able to take them thru a.little deeper.water than we.found at the Rendy but felt like all our water training was for naught. All 3 found their ways around the water or.jumped for most part. Maybe because this water was muddy and they couldn't see the bottom. It came up about half way up my calf.  The one wide part we lined them up to go thru, everybody came to a grinding halt and I had to backtrack and lead each thru individually with a rope. Once in the water tho, the new guy kept up without having to be drug. Hope I can load some pics. I am not very good at this.

RE: Our New Family Member & Other Chit-Chat - N5TIE - 07-28-2018

Sorry. Guess it is one pic at.a.time.for me. Above is last pic of Butterscotch getting getting sprayed to help him stay cooler on way home.

Hopefully below is.his first dip in a.creek bed.

RE: Our New Family Member & Other Chit-Chat - N5TIE - 07-28-2018

No problem getting them thru a DRY creek bed!

RE: Our New Family Member & Other Chit-Chat - Nanno - 07-29-2018

Oh how cute! Thanks for sharing your photos! You can add more than one photo per post. Click "choose file" at the bottom left of the page and then click "add attachment" on the bottom right just like you did. Now scroll back down to the bottom and you'll see your photo file attached on the left and the options to "remove" or "insert into post" on the right. Click "insert into post" and it will place your photo in the text area. 

To add another photo, do the exact same thing as above: Click "choose file" and then "add attachment" for each new photo. Then click "insert into post" if you want to place it in the text body. Hope that helps! 

Your new little guy is adorable! Texas is a beautiful place to hike, even if it is hot. I like it in the spring. We've visited the hill country in April and May before. It's gorgeous that time of year.

RE: Our New Family Member & Other Chit-Chat - goatzrule - 07-29-2018

How cute!

RE: Our New Family Member & Other Chit-Chat - Mike - 08-03-2018

Thats a great little herd!!  I really like your blaze orange packing gear, where did you get it.  I have a 4 day trip this Sept and I am trying to figure out ways to keep red necks from blasting at my guys.  Thanks

RE: Our New Family Member & Other Chit-Chat - blackie's maiden - 08-20-2018

Sorry, Mike, just seek g your question. Those 2 packs are trainng packs I bought from Mark Warnke.

RE: Our New Family Member & Other Chit-Chat - Ms_Mudd - 08-27-2018

great photos, congrats on your new edition