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Before & After (Young & Now) - joecool911 - 12-20-2013

Thought it would be fun to show off our cute kids and see how they grew up.

Here are a couple pics of Gussy. As a baby and now. He's 36" and 200#+. He will be 2 years old this spring.

[Image: BDE3A002-1186-46E3-A4B5-7859AE233963.jpg]

[Image: 68BB21CD-BEE3-40E7-8DE9-8F32B726ED9E.jpg]

He is an Alpine LaMancha cross. Thank god he has ears. Lol. Both pictures taken in the same shelter for size reference.

RE: Before & After (Young & Now) - Sanhestar - 12-20-2013

Let's see

Lucky, born 2006

[Image: lucky.jpg]

This year

[Image: 1z98.png]

Nox, born 2004, winter 2004/2005

[Image: ou25.jpg]

This year

[Image: x8a5.png]

Cisco, born 2008

[Image: 6trs.jpg]

This year, including the other two

[Image: c0qj.png]

RE: Before & After (Young & Now) - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 12-20-2013

hehe I love kinkle kids (curly hair). Glad they grow outta it though!

RE: Before & After (Young & Now) - Huckleberry - 12-21-2013

I love those curls! Would also love to kidnap CiscoSmile

Here are my three older boys, as kids and this past summer at 3.5 yrs old.

Basil, Nubian/Boer

Moose, Togg

Forest, Ober/Saanen