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Wether with buck behavior - Huckleberry - 02-23-2014

One of my boys has been acting so goofy lately. He's almost 11 months old and was surgically castrated at 4 months. He's been peeing all over his face and starting battles with the other goats. He'll hang his tongue out to the side and then start licking the other boys all over their face and neck while head butting. He rubs his face all over their butt under their tail (this is a new one for me)Rolleyes He's a total sweetheart and is a very loving goat. He's the leader and pushes the other boys around, but mostly in a playful way even in the above situation. It's so funny, I didn't think they acted like this when castrated. Anyone else have a wether that acts like this and do they outgrow it?

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 02-23-2014

By surgically, do you mean removed? If dont with a burdizzo, its more then possible that the cords didnt get crushed all the way. That happened with one of mine on one testie. Had to have the vet back out to do it again. If he doest still have his jewels hanging, you should be able to feel em. With this much time passing, they should be more then small egg sized or smaller

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Huckleberry - 02-23-2014

No, he had them surgically cut so no doubt the job got done. He was doing it prior to being castrated and hasn't started until recently. None of the other boys are doing it though.

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Sanhestar - 02-23-2014

I have several wethers that will react to does in rut although none of them will pee itself.

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Huckleberry - 02-24-2014

Oh yeah, he's peeing all over his face, the back of his legs, everyone around himUndecided He doesn't stink though, so I guess that's a good thing. At least I can find comfort in the fact that he was well developed before he was castrated, which was the goal.

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Nanno - 02-24-2014

Was he castrated before you got him? If so, is it possible he retained a testicle and the previous owners didn't mention it?

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Huckleberry - 02-25-2014

No, we took him in to the vet and had him castrated after we got him.

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 02-26-2014

Without testosterone he really shouldnt have any bucky behavior. Girls in heat can get a wether interested but he cant extend his sword to do anything. Its just not suppose to be possible. The only thing, as mentioned, is the vet missed one.

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Nanno - 02-26-2014

There are horses known as "proud cut" who have been properly gelded yet still look and behave like stallions. Turns out they produce a larger percentage of their testosterone in their adrenal glands. I wonder if your goat has something similar going on? I imagine it will disappear eventually.

RE: Wether with buck behavior - Huckleberry - 02-26-2014

He is having no trouble reaching where he wants! It comes all the way just like before he was castrated. He had pretty big jewels before and was surgically castrated and left open to heal. They shrunk up into a nice little package as they healed. It is possible to miss something when they do it that way? He's a Saanen, maybe it's just his wild side coming outSmile