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RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - hihobaron - 02-14-2016

Hello Nanno
I would tend to agree with your Hubby's friend.
But then all Politicians Stink to start with.
It looked for a while there a couple times if they were on the ice playing hockey, there would have been lots of body checking and stick swinging. To bad we can't settle things that way anymore (Last man/woman standing wins) See I can be a "Little" PC.
Yes I was making some very NONE PC comments at them from time to time.
Also went through 4 bottles of beer in 2 hours.
Tranquilizer you know. Smile
The thing is we CAN NOT AFFORD Hillary Or BERNIE as President.
If either one of them get there you better pack the goats,horses and head for the most remote location you can find.
Happy Trails
Goats are not the only Critter that plays on a stump, Politicians Stump it to, BUT the goats at least are fun to watch.
hihobaron Pete and Sam The Republican goat boys Smile

RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - hihobaron - 05-22-2016

Hello All
A Question about Goat color
With the new boy's here now.
Breeding wise the Young Alpine buck had good color(Sire).
All the Saanen does that got bred were pure bloods and of course ALL White.
All 8 Bucking kids this spring were white.
The two I have, Blizzard and Fuzzy Have started to show some Very Very light redish tan spots in their coats.
We have a red soil here that can stain a hair coat My Bay and White Pinto horse he can be almost all red when he roles in mud here.
The above being said, when I have been grooming on Blizzard and Fuzzy I have been seeing Some very light patches of tan hair. I do not think it is just dirt stains in their hair.
QUESTION: CAN color "GROW IN" as a goat gets older???

Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam

RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 05-22-2016

Absolutely it can. In fact, it happens on many goats. Nubians the most. They can be born with gray spots that turn to light brown as they age.

RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - hihobaron - 05-22-2016

Hello Dave
Have time to hit the chat room for a few words.

RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - hihobaron - 05-22-2016

Hello Dave
Thanks for the info.
So Goats can grow "Into Color" just like a horse will grow into Gray like Nannos "JET"

Happy Trails

I just may have some new Trails From the Trail with the boys tomorrow, Expedition Planed for Monday.
Would like to take all 4 but transport of all is a problem. Let the kids learn trail manners from their" Elders" Smile

hihobaron, Blizzard, Fuzzy,Pete and Sam

hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam.

RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 05-22-2016

Sorry brother, am pretty much always on the move. If not doing goatie chores, doing emails, setting up sales or if lucky, out fishing for big bass Smile


RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - hihobaron - 05-22-2016

Hello Dave
No problem time wise.
But I would bet I can find bigger Bass down here in South Carolina than were you are at.
There are like 4 -5 Bass fishing Tournaments around this area all summer.
Just had a big one at Lake Keeowee 35 miles west of me last weekend. Spring Opener.
Lake Hartwell is coming up soon too. I also live with in 1/2 mile of a good bass lake.
I like a fly rod or ultra light spinning rod for Pan fish/Trout better though.
I will cook and eat anything I catch though. Smile
Goats don't make a very good boat though.
Glad you caught a big one.
I am more of a worm drowner type and catch more bottle bass than anything else.Smile
Happy Trails
Good fishing
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam

RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 05-22-2016

Oh I know the bass are stellar down in your area. State record for largemouth here is just 11.7 lbs. The one in the pic was from a few days ago and was maybe 3 lbs. There are 3 of us who fish together. The best of the year was a 11.3 lbs largemouth. ALMOST!!! Here is a picture of that fatty.


RE: Rabbit Trail on Color - hihobaron - 05-27-2016

RE: A question from a while ago about white goats "Growing" into Color.
My Alpine X Saanen new boys are starting show more tan patches in their hair coat than just the dirt here can account for.
Fuzzy the one that is a little older (Both were March Kids) I noticed today has a full circle of light tan developing all the way around his "Right" eye as well as the tan body patches I asked you about before.
They seem to be getting bigger.
Both are doing good growth rate wise. They are getting the idea they need to hang with Pete and Sam as well as come to call, when I call everybody in. I will be relieving them of "Family" Jewels shortly. Probably Band them.

Happy Trails
Have a good Safe Holiday
hihobaron Blizard,Fluffy,Pete and Sam