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Finally!! - Saltlick - 01-21-2016

I'm finally able to go on short hikes again after a year and a half!!! First real hikes for the goats too. It went like this: Tore ligament in my right ankle summer 2014, then developed painful heel, had just made an appointment for that then got knocked down and ran over by a horse and tore multiple ligaments in my knee, then fell later and re-popped the knee... recently got cortisone injection for heel so it's well enough and knee is well enough (kind of, still not great) to go on short hikes! Did a 5 mile loop last week with just one goat, and then a short hike today with two. Left one at home. Here are a few photos.

RE: Finally!! - Sanhestar - 01-21-2016

Good for you!

Your panniers look interesting. What are you using?

RE: Finally!! - hihobaron - 01-22-2016

Hello Saltlick
Glad your getting mobile. Good Pictures of your goat and country.
It looks like you are using the Buthead Panniers that take a Wal-Mart Kitchen size plastic garbage can as a pack box?
You have to use a pack saddle under them right?
I have some "injury's" too, and spare parts added in. As well as being "Mature" that has spent 38 years getting beat up by livestock. I use a Product Called Consinquen It is a very good Joint and Tendon supplement.
All the Race horse,Hunter Jumper,Dressage, and Endurance Horse people I have know use it on a daily base.
I use it for myself to It helps a lot with my bad ankle, knee and back.
You can order it online from any good Livestock Supply provider. You take about a 1/2 tablespoon twice a day to start (Loading Dose) then once a day, it is a powder, (I mix my with any kind beverage you drink in the Morning)
Or just water. It dose not taste bad even taken dry. Light "Citrisy" taste. Needles to say I buy the Equine package
sizes. It dose come in "Dog" and "Human" capsules too but they are more expensive than just buying a jar of it.
Happy Trails

RE: Finally!! - Nanno - 01-22-2016

Awesome photos! The brown goat is Django who you got from Dave, isn't he? Remind me your Saanen's name again--I forgot. They're both gorgeous! I love the picture of your white goat yawning!! Smile

RE: Finally!! - Dave-Trinity-Farms - 01-22-2016

wow, good memory Nanno! They do look great. and what a neat looking area!