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Hunting 2015 - michael - 12-20-2015


My daughter, Hannah got a nice young 4x4 buck this year. I set her up about 40 yards from a doe who was bedded down and sure enough this guy came nosing his way to her. Hannah made a good shot, close to the road so no long drag out. Hoping next year to use the goats at least a little since they are only 18 months old this year. My other daughter got a really small doe and I  got skunked but was gifted a young buck after the season. The really great part is we were able to make 84 lbs of venison sausage!! I'm feeling blessed with the freezer full of meat. We also still have two boer wethers and two lambs on the hoof waiting to go in the freezer.

RE: Hunting 2015 - nebs - 12-20-2015

Awesome! Way to go and thanks for sharing!

RE: Hunting 2015 - michael - 12-21-2015

Smile Thanks Nebs, will also share some sausage if anyone wants to stop by.