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Full Version: 2022 NAPgA Calendars are HERE!
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You folks submitted your photos, you voted, and your hard work has produced another masterpiece! Once again, this NAPgA calendar is THE BEST ONE EVER!

[Image: NAPgA_Cal2022.1.jpg]

Supplies are limited so don’t wait until the last minute to order yours!
[Image: NAPgA_Cal2022.2-722x1024.jpg]

Calendars make fantastic Christmas presents that can be enjoyed all year long!
[Image: NAPgA_Cal2022.3-796x1024.jpg]

Look for a fun surprise in every month!
[Image: NAPgA_Cal2022.4-e1636156283485-300x225.jpg]

[Image: NAPgA_Cal2022.5-300x236.jpg]

Order your calendar HERE:
Awesome ordered mine!