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Full Version: baby update
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[attachment=613][attachment=614][attachment=615][attachment=616][attachment=617]Here is the little thing that greeted me when I got home from rendy. Also some of her brothers and sisters.
The first two are of Amore', the newest addition. She is a week old.

The last three are of Churro at one day old and two weeks old. He is tearing up the turf now! Apparently I messed up the other pics when I tried to resize!


Oh how cute!
Adorable! I love the little "hairdo" on Amore's head!
They're so sweet! Baby goats are the best! Smile
The young lady holding Churro is our 4 y/o grand daughter, Aria. She will love it when she visits next time cause I had to pull the two triplet bucklings off of momma today. Aria loves to give the babies their milk. Three was too much for momma to handle so she is left with the doeling and I'm teaching the two boys how to be bottle babies. They are 5 weeks old and my vet had doubts as to whether it would happen. Well, Kristoff had it figured out in the first minute and I'm pretty sure Olaf will catch on when he gets a little hungrier! I feel like a heel though listening to their cries for momma. Mom is already starting to catch up with herself and she still has Solari with her.

Taffy, I was holding Churro today and he's starting to get little curls between his horn buds. As if he wasn't cute enough already!