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Full Version: 2 pack goats for sale
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I have 2, 3 week old bottle baby pack goats. Specifically bred for packing. These are going to be very good pack goats, they are sired by Brush Mountain Moosie (1/4 Saanen, 1/4 Boer, 1/4 Alpine, 1/4 Ober), son of Sergeant. Dam is (1/2 Saanen, 1/2 Boer) from an unknown breeder out of Montana. Both are being bottle fed 3x per day with 20oz. of milk replacer to ensure they are disease free when purchased. They will come with a certificate certification of being CL, CAE, Movi, Pink eye, free. Also are micro chipped. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Brush Mountain Pack Goats Dutchess - Female (3/8 Saanen, 3/8 Boer, 1/8 Alpine, 1/8 Ober) $450
All white with tan markings on head neck.

Brush Mountain Pack Goats Pedro male/wether - (3/8 Saanen, 3/8 Boer, 1/8 Alpine, 1/8 Ober) $350
All tan with white star on forehead
Where are you located?
SW Idaho
5 weeks old tomorrow!
Still for sale 12 weeks old and will be weaned on June 29th.