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Hi folks!

Heading out in a week for a 2 week pack goat road trip to Wisconsin, the UP and over the bridge down into Michigan.  I will be boondocking in national and state forests, and on a friends property in Michigan proper.  This is my replacement trip for the goat rally this year.  Surprisingly, I've not done much backpacking in these states even though they are right next door - I always head out west.

If anyone knows of some great places I can't miss, please post them here - or anything else of use of interest.

Forgot to add... this is Dean in Minnesota Smile
Keep an eye out for sasquach. Hopefully for the first time in history, someone has a camera with good auto-focus when they encounter one!
Hi Dean!  Will definitely miss you & your goats (and everyone else from the Rendezvous) this year.  Oh, and your beer too!  Big Grin
Have fun on your goat trip...I hope you are bringing lots of bug spray!--Irene
Missed you guys too! 

Had a great trip, just got back yesterday.  I hit several of the state and national forests in both states, and spent almost a week camping on a friends property in Michigan - he joined me on several hikes at local destinations.  I took my two guys, and he brought a different donkey of his for each hike.  Much beer and food was consumed at the camp fire each evening.  I will post some pics of the trip on this thread Smile
Random trip pics - 1
set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
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