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Full Version: Another Hello from Oregon
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Hey all: I've been threatening my wife with pack goats for a decade (or more), but never found the time to go through with it.  Now that all our normal summer commitments have been canceled, I figured there may never be a better time to start! So, we picked up a couple Alpine/Saanen wethers on Saturday! They're 13-day-old bottle babies and are sweet as can be. I have some questions about if/when I should integrate them into the neighbor's dwarf herd, but I'll ask in other thread. For now, here are Leroy and Moe playing in the yard:

[Image: leroy-and-moe.png]
Welcome! They are adorable!
Welcome! Where in Oregon?
(05-19-2020, 10:47 AM)Taffy Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome!  Where in Oregon?

Thanks! We're in the Southern Willamette Valley, west of Eugene.
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Welcome to the pack, your guys are handsome! I'm three (and two) years ahead of you with my five just north of Newberg. Looking forward to some hiking and packing in the Cascades this summer and fall.

Taffy, I'm glad you mentioned the Facebook existence. I look forward to learning from those of you with experience.
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