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Full Version: Garmin satellite communicators on sale!
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From Nov. 15 - Dec 2nd REI has a $75 off sale on the Garmin inReach Mini, Explorer+ and GPSMAP 66i 2-way satellite communicators!

I have the Garmin Explorer+.  So many areas I hike have no cell service so in case of an emergency I can communicate with family via text and/or press the SOS button to reach emergency services.

There is a fee for the service, but for me, the piece of mind is worth the expense.
Thanks for the heads up. I've been using the Mini, on the Freedom plan so I can deactivate it during the months I am not using it - I calculated that saves me a bit of $.  Love the texting from cell phone using the Earthmate app no matter where I am.

Might spring for a second one now that it looks like the husband might be hiking again, so we can satellite text each other on a trip when we separate.