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Full Version: Had to say good bye to Clyde this weekend.
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No sorries needed. Had prepared for this months ago. Just figured Id give the final update on her. Clyde just never recovered from getting sick and was up and down in health. She would seem to be on the mend for a week and then worse the following week. She would be good enough to warrant being out with the other does and then down enough to be pulled out and let to roam the property eating weeds and snacking on the hay stack. But last Wed. she needed help to stand for the first time. Still totally alert. Eating and talking. Then on Thursday, after being help up that morning she didnt have the strength to walk on her own. So we made her comfortable and gave her extra feed and treats cause Matt was coming out the next day to do some castrations. She was in bad enough shape that it took 3 times the normal amount of drug to put her down. It wasnt that she was strong but that her system was so shut down, the blood flow was compromised.

Its much easier to let them go when you have months to do so. But I will still miss her face and our talks.
I'm so sorry to hear that. Even with time to process, it still isn't easy.
Something like that happened to my Tina, a Saanan and my first goat. I'm smarter about goats now and perhaps in retrospect I might have saved her, but then again perhaps it was cancer or something. It was really sad for me. Tina was really a member of the family.
Clyde was June's (Boots) mama Smile

Yes, they do become family. Even with as many as we have, there are always the stand outs. Its been along time since I had to say good bye to one of my special ones. I am just glad Matt was here and able to do it. Its kinda funny though. Its like Clyde waited till just before Matt was scheduled to be here. Or maybe the good Lord knew I wouldnt have it in me to do it and planned it to happen just the way it did. Either way I am thankful to God in all aspects.
I'm sorry to hear about Clyde. I wondered if she would ever recover from that difficult delivery and retained placenta. I'm glad the end was not too bad, but I know it's still not easy and I know she was very special to you.

"Here's to Clyde."


Is this the Clyde that is my boy's mamma?
Sorry to hear it Dave, she was a great doe!
Wow, Dave. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad Matt was able to put her down peacefully.
I know, after I read your post I went out and gave June a special cheek scratching session in memory of her mamaSmile
Yep, Sussie, your boy is one of Clydes final 2 boys. And his face is marked the same. Ill have to get a front picture of him for a side by side.

Thanks guys!

You going to bring June to the rendy? Ill give her a face scratch as well Smile
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