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Full Version: Wheelchair carts
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there is a cart construction available from a manufacturer in Wales that can carry wheel chairs. It's primarily made for Shetlands and minis. Expensive, though.

scroll down to the Ibex
Absolute genius. I always thought those little chubby ponies needed a job. We need to do a fund raiser. Get one of those wheelchair carts over to our side of the world. We could rent it and ship it to different cart goat people to do community volunteer events.
Well, we actually do have some of these in the US. I did some poking around later that night after our time at the nursing home and found the United States Driving for the Disabled website. They showed several different styles of carts and buggies that can accommodate wheelchairs:

I plan to look into this in the near future, because I would love to do more of these type of events. There is a really nice veterans nursing home only half an hour from us that has a lot of residents and I'll be they would love to have us down to do goat rides.
I'll add another carriage, made in France - German

I like on both carriages - Ibex and Escargoline - the quick out option that will release the draft animal from the carriage in an emergency.
Yeah, I like that too.