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Full Version: Lamancha Pack Wethers
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We are making available these siblings originally retained out of a September 29, 2017 kidding. We had aspirations of training them for packing, unfortunately our dairy completely consumes us leaving no time to work with them. These boys need to be placed where they can live up to their full potential. Raised as bottle babies, they are very social and easy to handle. Their dam and sire are both large, (photos of dam and sire provided) heavy boned goats and early indications show these boys will follow suit, exhibiting nice size and overall conformation. Both are current on vaccines, worming and hooves trimming. 

They have been raised with our LGD (Pyrenees) and Llamas allowing for an easy transition into another herd that may have the same. 
Every goat in our herd receives the same top level of care, these boys are no exception. We provide impeccable facilities and are meticulous in our herd management practices. 
Will only sell as a pair. Offered at $250/pair. Cash, PayPal or Credit Card (handled through our farm). 
Facebook: DeLuna Acres
Located in Eagle, ID, a suburb of Boise.
These wethers are from some outstanding bloodlines and a clean herd. Sounds like they've been brought up right. Someone is going to get a steal of a deal with them.
I wish they weren't so far away!!
Just wondering if the pack goats are still available?