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Full Version: Stopped Raining so we went.
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I feel like it has been raining everydayI have had off for the last month and a half.  So yesturday when my kids and I woke up and there was sun poking through the clouds it was easy toget going.  I checked the fridge and found stuff for what could be a redneck pig in a blanket, grabbed stuff of hot chocolate and of coure the frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. I packed some gear and the kids some extra cloths and some warm cloth in panniers just in case and we where of to grab the boys.  The guys loaded in my truck great.  I think they where exited to do some thing other than run 3 miles.  We got to our parking spot and unloaded the guys. My daughter brushed down Steve and Brian.  She still does not totally trust Garbie, I cant blame her.  Then we where off.  We only had to go about a mile and a half to our day camp spot.  We made really good time.  Once we got there the goats where very happy milling around eating the fresh green tree  moss and other woodlands trees.  My kids where busy trapping Dinosaurs.  So I started a fire and started cooking the pigs in a blanket, and making hot chocolate.  I would be lying if I said the fire stated r8ght up.  That month and a half of rain made for some really moisture issues, but after a minute it was going.  The kids killed there lunch and hot chocolates. I made my self a coffee and cooked the cookies.  About the time we where wrapping up our two cookies each I felt the first sprinkle.  Which kicked me into speed pack mode.  I had gear packed, weighed and on goats in record time.  The guys where kind of jerks on theway back to the truck.  I think they new a big rain storm was comming and they knew how close we where to the truck.  We had a small come to Jesus meeting on the trail where we all figure out that yes I am still in charge and you will stay behind me. When I say back I mean it!!!  We got back to the truck quickly even with the period of discussion and again to guys loaded like champs again.  The kids also got in the truck as soon as we got there, maybe they sensed the impending storm also.  I loaded the saddles and panniers in there tuff bins and we where out.  5 hours from start to finish.  We stayed dry against all odds and had a great day.  The guys and I also got to nock some rust of, we are all better for it.  I love my goats even when they are turds!!  It was also really great to see my kids acting more confident around them.  My daughter has learned how to really say "BACK" with both the right tone as well as with the right body language and eye contact.  My son is learning confidense around them by seeing her being able to control the guys.  All and all a great trip!!
Very cool! It's so green! I'm surprised you haven't got snow.