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Full Version: Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2018
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The wildfire made the sky strange and the light eerie on July 3rd. The air had a pungent tang and black and white ashes fluttered around us as we walked. But the goats didn't seem to mind.   

I caught little Prudie in the act of jumping up on my bottom so I turned around and grabbed those naughty little front feet. She knew she wasn't in trouble. She's way to cute to be in trouble!   

Then everyone else wanted up, but little Sarge was the only one small enough for me to still hold. 

Sexy Sadie.

Max and Sgt. Pepper have become great little buddies. Max towers over little Sarge, but Sarge doesn't seem to realize he's tiny, and Max never uses his size advantage to push the little guy around. Max is a rough-and-tumble goat who plays hard and irritates all the adult goats, but he's got a heart of gold and is very gentle with all the babies that are smaller than him.   

Sarge is a total fuzz-bomb! His coat is as fine and soft as dandelion fluff, and sticks up about the same way.  

Wild Honey Pie. 

My herd sires. These guys are such good buddies. 
That's a handsome herd of goats you have there Nanno - which of the kids are you going to keep? Has the big fire been put out yet?
I still have a backlog of photos from early July. Max is really coming into his own these days and I think he's going to make a marvelous packgoat when he grows up. I've only taken him out on a few hikes, but he acts like he was born to do this. He's adventurous, he loves people, and he's got the gung-ho attitude that every packgoat prospect should have. And did I mention he's also handsome? Max is one of those goats who looks good and knows it!  

Yep, there it is--The Pose! 

First water crossing. He barely hesitated and managed to keep his feet dry. He splashed into the water on subsequent crossings and didn't seem to think it was a big deal. 

I went hiking with a couple of friends and Max quickly became good friends with Johanna. He decided she was "his person" and followed behind her on the trail instead of me. She fell in love with him too and wished she could take him back to college with her. 

Phil and I decided to take both Max and little Sarge with us a couple days later and see what Sarge was made of. They are quite good friends despite the age difference and significant size discrepancy. 

Yep, there's that pose again! 

"Are you spoiled rotten, Max?"
Phil and I took Sgt. Pepper for his first hike with us and Max about three weeks ago. It was his first time away from his mom and he didn't seem to miss her at all--no crying or fussing. He was ready for adventure!  

Sarge is almost too cute to be allowed. He's like a fluffy little stuffed toy. But don't tell him that! He's every bit as rough-and-tumble as Max and wants everyone to take him seriously. Small and cuddly as he is, he wants to be treated like a big boy!  


Sarge was a little trepidatious about his first water encounter. But Max showed him how it was done and he soon followed. 

I'm not sure what happened with that ear, but it amused Phil and I for almost five minutes before Sarge finally shook it down off his horn. 
Sarge is soooo cute but look what I got. Tongue 
Max is soooo cute. How old is he?
Max was born May 7 this year. These photos were taken in early July when he was just 2 months old. I'll have to post more photos when I get a little time! Both these boys have grown a ton and look a lot different now. I'm thrilled to say that a wonderful couple fell in love with Max and Sarge and paid a deposit on them last week. They should be going to their new home sometime in September.
It's always a good feeling when you can find good homes for kids.

Will they be packgoats?
Look forward to seeing updated pics, they are just so sweet.
How old will they be when they go to their new homes? Ditto what Taffy asked, will they be packgoats?
Yes, they will be packgoats! If all goes according to plan, Max will be about 4 months and Sarge about 3 months old when they go to their new home. The couple who bought them seems very enthusiastic. Apparently the man has been an avid hiker for much of his life but back problems have forced him to stop carrying a large pack, so having a couple of goats to carry his gear seems like the perfect solution.
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