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So I've been teaching my Saanen Hope to drive and with Nanno's help got her to respect the crop but now I need help getting her to steer she still twists her head back until both reins are on one side of her does anyone have ideas
Do you drive with a harness that has rein terrets? This can help keep your lines from crossing over even when the goat turns her head. If your neck strap has rings, you can pass the reins through them to help keep the lines even straighter. A lot of this issue will resolve itself once you have your goat hitched to a cart where the shafts will help keep her from turning back so dramatically. This is one of the reasons I'm not a huge fan of ground driving without a cart--you and the goat often end up in confusing situations that are completely prevented once the goat is walking between shafts.
I understand your point. I use the harness that I got from you to drive. My cart should be here tomorrow ! Smile
My cart got here! I just spent an hour in the living room putting it together. Annnnd as a bonus to the day hope ground drove perfectly today I put the reins through the neck strap.
Yay!! Just lead her with the cart for the first couple of days before you start driving. That way she can get used to it without having to think about also being obedient to the reins (which she's only just now starting to listen to). You don't want to throw too many things at her at once or she'll learn to hate the cart and hate working.

As for driving, I want to add that the best way to practice rein obedience is to lead your goat away from home and then drive her back. You can practice weaving back and forth on the way up, but her focus will be forward so she's less likely to turn her head all the way back to look at you.

Have fun!!
Well I hooked Hope to the cart today and she did well.She held still for me to hook her up too bonus
Photos please Goatzrule!
(01-03-2018, 08:44 PM)DownUnder Gal Wrote: [ -> ]Photos please Goatzrule!
Tonight or tomorrow they'll be pictures
A few pictures to satisfy your curiosity
Hope the modelĀ 
Nanno please tell me if there is anything I need to tighten losen etc.
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