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I enjoy Cuzco Thread so much I figured Id do a little one of my own. Granted I dont get nearly as many chances to get Legion on film so this will be more like a blog. Ill start at the beginning and do some telling of his story (which I have done a few times before but never get tired of doing it Smile and post pictures as I go. So enjoy!

First lets start with the story of Legions birth:

Legion was 1 of 3 kids outta his dam, Saqqara and his sire Catalyst during the later part of April 2012. Making him a Gabe (Gabriel) grandson. Legion earned his name even before he was born. You might even say he was battle born. 14 days before Saqqara was scheduled to kid, she got into a long hard fight with a couple other high ranking pen mates. Battles from higher ranking does in the herd are common and usually pass without much incident. But on this occasion, Saqqara must have taking a hard cheap shot to the side of her very pregnant belly. It was obvious that night and the following few days she was not her usual self but not off enough to cause high concern. With 8 days left before she was due to kid, Saqqara went into light labor. But it wasnt a normal labor. She never had any contractions until well after the kids were removed. Not to mention 7-10 days early is at the limit a kid can be born and survive due to under developed lungs. After a full day of what seem like pre labor, my other half Tracy, "went in" to check on progress and to see if she could determine what was going on but Saqqara was not open at all. (Ill condense this part). It took all day before Tracy could open Saqqara up enough to get Legion out, as he was the first in line. Legions siblings had obviously died the day of the impact and had started to decompose.

So here is Legion, 7 days early with two dead siblings to follow later. But remarkable, he was strong and healthy! He even stood on his own within the first 5 minutes! What a fighter I though Smile. After he had been dried off by both us and his mama. Given his bo se and Vit e. Cord sprayed with iodine. Tracy and I decided to run into the house and get a bite for supper as we had been at this all day long. When we return to check on Saqqara it was obvious she has been digging/nesting hard core. Most of the straw that was in her area was pushed feet away. Legion was on his side on the dirty, dirty and cold. As I picked him up, I could feel his ribs crunch and grind together. It was sickening. In her nesting and attempt to keep him up on his feet (often times when a young doe or a doe with a difficult pregnancy will paw/dig at the kids much to hard in the attempt to make them stand up). she must of landed a number of blows to him. Most of time the kids are fine or we are there to stop such treatment. Even though Legion was of good size, being a week early, his little bones were still to fragile. And in her pawing, she ended up breaking all his ribs on one side. I took him instantly inside and washed him off. Called the vet for advise on if I should wrap his ribs. No, that could send a rib into a lung. Just let them heal as best they can by themselves.

I learned quickly that I could not hold him to feed him like I would normally with kids. I thank the Lord that he gave Legion the strength to stand because that is how he was feed. Which he took to the very first try. I reached in, picked him up by chest and belly (this caused the least amount of crunching noise) and place him on his feet. I presented him with the nipple and he ate without so much as a peep Smile. After he ate, I helped him to lay back down and he drifted off to sleep. I was instantly his and him mine. I have always been a sucker for an underdog goat. With his strength and will, I knew he had to have a powerful name. And that is how Legion was brought into this world and how he got his name.

First picture is of Legion the first night after he was born. You can see we had a heating pad under him for the first week.

Second picture is of his first time on a Lamb bar. He is the one on the very left.


And if I am not mistaken, the one second from the right with the blaze face is Curtis Kings, Mocha Man Smile
Such a little miracle baby! I'm so glad you're making a shrine to your own favorite goatie. Everyone should!
A couple of pictures of his mama Saqqara and a selfie (kinda) of his mama and grandma Gabe.
First picture is of Saqqara in her show stance Smile
Second picture is of Saqqara as a baby. She is the one with the white spade on her forehead. Not the one hogging the spot light Smile
Third picture is of Gabe and Saqqara together Smile

[Image: dam3.jpg]
Ill do a few posts and clump some pictures together. For the most part they will be of Legion and pen mates between the ages of 3 and 6 months old.

I loaded all the photos to my facebook account for two reasons. 1st, they are to big to load directly to the forum and second I was hoping to just post image link but OMG they were soooooo big. So ill just post the links to view them Smile
So just right click and open a new tab to view each picture without having to reload this page Smile

Legion around 3 months old.

HA! I love his expression in the first picture! But the buckets behind his head make him look like he's wearing a Ms. Pacman bow, the poor guy.

What I like to do for photos is to make them a little smaller and a little lower resolution when I export them to my "Cuzco" folder so they're a more appropriate size for internet posting. That way you don't have to post them as links.
What a handsome fellow!
Well i loaded them all to facebook thinking that would do the trick... nope, they are freaking HUGE when you img em. And lol I never noticed but it does look like ms pacman. On that note, here is a pic my daughter made me for my birthday when I was at the rendy in 2012. When I got back home, it was my desk top pic.
Some more 3 month oldish photos of Legion and other prospects on a training hike up the hill near the farm.

The Dog is Curtis Kings dog. I like to introduce as many dogs as possible to the prospects. Helps to keep them calm when they encounter dogs on the trail.

Cool pics! Legion is impressive!
Here are some other early training pics. Water, dog pack training and a relaxing afternoon near the water. A little fishing for me, a little browsing for them Smile The goat with Legion in the second and third picture is Darius who went to Saltlick in California. She calls him Django now Smile The goat with Legion in the last picture is Fun Boy. He was Legions partner at the 2012 Rendy. They are about 4 months old in these pictures.


Thanks Kirk! Yours will be as well Smile
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