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Full Version: Pack Goat Presenters Needed in WEIPPE, ID
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I am looking for someone willing to come to Weippe, ID and do a presentation on Packgoats for K-5th graders on April 27th or in case of rain, May 4th.  I would do it but am putting on an entire days event for these 120 students and really can’t be tied down to the one station. We  are having 5 stations throughout the day with different presenters at each station.  If interested, I can give you more info. No need to go into it now. Also FREE Lunch is provided, and fresh fried fish at the end of the day.  Contact me ASAP if you are interested.   
P.S. My scheduled presenter is out of state and not going to be back in time.
Terri Summerfield
Northwest Pack Goats & Supplies
This is so cool! I wish we lived closer.

Hi Terri, by the way! Welcome to Packgoat Central! I was hoping you'd mosey over sometime. Sorry for the "first post approval" thing. I had to implement it after a series of spam attacks. You won't have to be "approved" any more now that we know you're legit. Wink