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Full Version: Trinity now making Goat Milk Soap! :)
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Movef into the realm of making goat milk soap. Spent the spring and summer perfecting my recipe. Got a lot of batches to do to get the shelves stock but got a few read and a bunch of discounted test soaps available. If you're in the market, give us a look. Thanks
Awesome, Dave! Good luck with your soap-making venture. I keep threatening to learn how to make soap but I just haven't gotten up the gumption yet. If you ever have any tips you'd like to share, I'm all ears (or are they all corporate secrets??).

Also, whenever you get the chance I'd love to hear how Legion is doing. Is he still with Curtis?
My favorite soap ever was some goat milk soap I got at the 2013 Rendy auction.
Thanks Nanno! I will say it seems a lot more difficult then what it is. I watched a few days of Youtube videos. Joined a soap making forum. Got book marks to a things like the lye calculator. Researched some sites to buy the fragrances and then finally over bought pretty much everything lol. After about a half dozen batches, I broke away from the common recipe and made my own. Took me over 2 hours to do my first batch. Now I can get 2 done in about an hour.

Hey Charlie, if you can remember, let me know the fragrance and I'll see if I can make you up a few bars
Great soap Dave. We love it!!