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Started off with getting our goats all ready too go and all the gear/camper loaded for our usually 4 day hunt for my wife's elk/deer. Don't make fun of my 2 trailer's too bad, it's easy too haul the goats in the little trailer with the 4 wheeler too get from camp too trailhead or wherever we down game. The pack goat's are 18.
g.html][Image: IMG_1828_zpsmjojggge.jpg]

Our first morning was fairly uneventful, we sat in an overlook that she shot a cow about 3 years ago, her favorite spot too sit on our first morning of hunting, pretty sure we bumped some going in, in the morning in the thick brush, could not see more sure if they were elk but I figured they were. We also went on a small hike into a east facing dark timber pocket and bumped more elk, sounded like a freight train, scared the crap out of my wife.... it was kinda funny.... Big Grin

That evening we were headed over too a new area that I wanted too check out during archery season but never made it over there, on our way I happened too spot a small 1x2 whitetail deer that was more concerned with all the biting nat's that he paid no attention too us stopping getting out and make a quick stalk too 80 yards, and she is a professional at shooting off my shoulder, I believe this makes something like the 4 or 5 animal she shot off my shoulder, awesome job on her part for smoking this deer right through the shoulders, the 140gr. SST did a number on this deer, broke the entry side shoulder put a half dollar sized hole out the other side just in front of the shoulder, not much meat loss which was great, her first whitetail too date,
[U[Image: IMG_1866_zpsrlom4uqz.jpg]

day 2 was very uneventful, a few doe's spotted but no elk......

the last day of her tag which was day 3 we decided on a hike in with the goat's and do a 3/4 day hike, started bright and early with the goats at 7 a.m. right as it was getting light we were off.......
[Image: IMG_1834_zps3pkwfntl.jpg]

we saw a single doe about 1/2 mile from trail head, didn't see much except for a ton of tracks for the next 3 1/2 miles, it had just rained the day we had got there so we knew the elk were in the area somewhere, we stopped for a break about mile 2, goats had the inclination too do some climbing on some old downed logs.....
[Image: IMG_1861_zpsjt09t0lo.jpg]

we continued on and about noon we called it quit's and had lunch, took the goats and our packs off and took a break....
[Image: IMG_1864_zps5nvjli6f.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1863_zpso9nakwyo.jpg]

After a bit of a break and some glassing we didn't turn any elk up, saw a few deer that were really intrigued with our goats and let us walk up too within 50 yards or so and really didn't care.... our way back was fun...
[Image: IMG_1865_zpsjoz6i8wx.jpg]

Wife had a great time, her new Kennetrek Womens boots were awesome, first year she hasn't gotten a blister and she thanks Kennetrek alot..... all in all it ended up to be a 9 mile adventure. 

That evening we were stiff and only had 2 hours before dark after we got back got the goats and us taken care of. We went for a ride too the South and West to an area I have never been, alot of people had showed up for the general season opener on Sun., we checked out all the camps and camping spots and too our surprise we went on a dead end road and about 3 miles off there was 40 head of elk out on a flat grazing... cool, bad part it was there's only 20 min. left of light.... oh well we have another spot too check next year for elk, I looked on a map and its blocked by private on 1 side and huge ravines on the other side's.... awesome place too go with the goat's.... I am excited too go back there next year during bow season.... Other than that it was fun and I will never trade any of the moments hunting with my wife for nothing..... my best friend, wife, and hunting partner...
Congratulations to your wife on her deer! It sounds like it was a wonderful outing even without getting an elk.
Really cool read and pics. Makes me jealous. My goats are only 6 months and I'm just learning.
The Kenetrek boots are great. I live in them for days at a time archery elk hunting. I am over 50 years old and have been hunting all my adult life. They are the best boots I have ever worn. It's tough finding a great women's boot. Wise men like yourself figure out if your women are comfortable everyone has a good time.
IdahoNancy.... you are right make your women comfortable and they will go all the time, I get her all the stuff she needs too be comfortable, that way she wants too go and has fun..... Kennetrek's, shewear, and good base layer and outer layer and she loves going, she doesn't like the dark and getting up early but we get through it....
Awesome story and pics. Good looking goats, how old are they? Looks like you and your sweetheart have some great venison for the freezer!
Great post Smile I would suggest a better enclosed travel method on trips where temps are under 60. Although tough animals, goats are easily susceptible to whats called shipping fever (pneumonia).
(11-04-2015, 05:54 PM)nebs Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome story and pics. Good looking goats, how old are they? Looks like you and your sweetheart have some great venison for the freezer!

white(mr. bill) one and black(mr. black) one are 18 months and the brown(buck) one is 17 months as of Oct., I weighted them in June bill and buck were 120 and black was 130, I assume they are 140 for the 2 and 150 for black.... 
(11-05-2015, 06:34 AM)Dave-Trinity-Farms Wrote: [ -> ]Great post Smile I would suggest a better enclosed travel method on trips where temps are under 60. Although tough animals, goats are easily susceptible to whats called shipping fever (pneumonia).

Yea, I thought maybe when it gets cooler I might have too do something different, would putting goat blankets on them would work? I will be leaving at the end of the week for a late cow hunt in very steep country, would like too take the goats with me, high's will be in the upper 40's and low's in the 30's, I will take them up the warmest part of the day, it's about a 3 hr. drive,
Here is the best way think about hauling goats. If you wouldnt do it in a short sleeved shirt, then your goats shouldnt either. Adding the coats to them although better still isnt enough protection for them. When its happens enough that they actually call it shipping fever, its best to play it safe. This isnt to say that people dont and dont have an issue with it. But pneumonia can kill a goat in less then 24 hours. There is just no good reason to put your investment at risk when its so easy to build or buy something to keep them safe.

Having see it happen, I have a pretty hard stance on how goats should be ship. I have literally built boxes and given old truck canopies to buyers who didnt have the foresight or knowledge to know better. I have even sent people home with no goats and their money in the pocket because they showed up thinking to just tie the goats into the back of their open pickup bed.

By looking at your picture, it wouldnt take anything to attach higher walls and a roof to that little trailer or build a box that fits right in or maybe find a truck canopy on craigslist that would fit on top of it.
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