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Full Version: Utah: Anyone up for a trip to the redrock?
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Everyone is invited to do a camping trip to the San Rafael Swell in a few weeks. 

Phil and Nano  will be there along with myself friends.  There will be goats.  The roads are smooth and only dirt for a short distance.  Its about 3 or 4 hours from SLC (Spanish Fork Canyon to Price, then onward to I70, then backtrack a bit to the bottom side of the Swell)  Its going to be car camping, not packing-out, but we will be loading goats with some water.

Its looking like this: 

Thursday we meet up roughly 1:00 at the camping area on the north side of Wildhorse Canyon.  We'll set up camp and do a short hike perhaps in Chute Canyon.  (Smooth and easy, not quite  a true slot canyon but scenic)

Friday is the main hike through Wild Horse Canyon.  Another easy route with only a few detours around some obstacles.  Its a wide canyon with a giant cliff rising up on one side.  It has some trees and greenery hiding in the shady of the cliffs.  At the turn-around point, if we feel like it, we may hike up to Wild Horse Window up on the top of the reef.  Its a giant cave full of arch-like windows overlooking the Swell.  Has Indian art and stuff on the walls.

Saturday we break camp and we may visit Goblin Valley for a few hours before heading back home.

Let us know if you're interested.  (Do it!  Gas is cheaper than ever right now.)

[Image: goblin_cave_entrance_small_01.jpg]

[Image: goblin_john_small_01.jpg]

[Image: wildhorse_canyon_01.jpg]

[Image: wildhorse_dryfall_02.jpg]
Thats some cool looking country there.
Charlie Horse, you're really tempting me! The area is on my bucket list! It's a long drive at 14+ hours! Guess I better decide soon!
It's totally worth the drive! Do it! Do it! Do it!

Think about it this way: which will you regret more? Coming or not coming? Big Grin
OK. I'm in! I want to see that area and what better way to do it than with friends and packgoats! WooHoo! I'm excited! See you September 30th!
Yay!!! You won't regret it! Smile
I encourage everyone to join us on this goatpacking trip!  We have an experienced guide (Charliehorse) who has hiked this area many times.  So far Charliehorse (aka Herb), Nan & Phil Hassey, Eldon Otta, Larry Robinson and I are going.  We'd sure love to have more goatpackers join us for this adventure!  You can come with or without your goats.  I'm going without goats but bringing one back with me. Big Grin
Charlie Horse, do you know what Bob Jones is up to these days? I remember he went on a trip with you to this area once, but I've not seen him around much since the days of the old PGF.
Well, he was on my UtahPackGoats yahoo group. I posted a message to the group announcing the trip but nobody responded. He was the one that invited me to the same area last time and now I love the place. I could try to look up his direct email and send one more reminder.
I'm counting the days until this Utah trip! I'm SO excited. At my age I want time to slow down but right now, in this instance, I sure wish it was Wednesday morning and I was heading to Utah!
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