Sugar's buckling
He's absolutely precious. I can tell he's not spoiled at all! Do you think you'll be able to let him go to a new home as planned now that he's your special baby?

I love the V's on his forehead. He's got a white V inside of a perfect black V. The name "Sweet Victory" comes to mind--Sweet in memory of Sugar, Victory for luck in overcoming her loss and going on to great things. Love that floppy ear. Too bad it won't stay that way.
Names: Sugar Cane, Raising Cane, or just Cane. You could call him Dex for dextrose, not sure that would sound right. Sugar in German is Zucker, in Swedish it is Socker
Name suggestions: Sugar's Pride, In Sugar's Honor, Sweet Boy, Powdered Sugar, any number of candy related names (Whopper, Jolly Rancher, Candyman, Marshmallow, etc.). I also really like Nancy's Cane suggestions. I'm so sorry to hear about Sugar. His colors sure are a lot like his mama's.

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