Charlie Horse's 2017 Picture Thread

I stopped for 45 minutes in the shade to read and relax.  These two fought hard the whole time.


I went off to the side to a shady area under an overhang so I could take a picture without the sun glaring on the lens.  I'm very glad this wasn't a rattle snake-- I hadn't even been thinking about snakes and walked right next to it.  This guy is a bull snake and harmless.  He sure could act tough though and puffed up and hissed and made that blowing noise and even struck a few times.  I thought it'd be a good chance to see how the goats would react to a rattle snake if we came across one someday.  I figured they'd have a fear of snakes built in.   Vincent VanGoat didn't even notice it.  Nor did Woodstock, despite it doing its best to growl at us.  Bacchus noticed it.  He stared at it for a while and then wandered off.  So much for a natural fear of snakes.
Ha! Love the picture of Victoria! She's little spitfire isn't she! I'm glad that wasn't a rattlesnake.

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