Poly Dome Shelters: Securing & transporting livestock
You know, I can't believe I did not reply to this thread when you bumped it, TOU! I'm sorry that the PolyDomes aren't working out for your business any more. We need more dealers in the country, not less! We've sure missed you around this forum!

For anyone interested, I highly recommend these PolyDomes! Excellent product! We have four large round ones and one of the small ones that fits on the bed of our truck (kind regards to TOU for donating that last one to the 2015 Rendy auction so we could snag it!). We've used that truck bed transporter on a regular basis, but especially in November/December 2015 since that is breeding season and we didn't have our own buck this year. I've had quite a few people jealously inquire where I got it. Very useful item!

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