Hunching while Urinating...
Both of my 2 year old Alpine/Nubian wethers have started to "hunch" and nibble at the penis while urinating. They started doing it a couple weeks ago but then a little later they will stand and pee normally, so I wasn't too concerned.
I didn't realize until now that this could be Urinary Calculi? Should I take immediate action? I've been giving them a couple handfuls of grain/hay pellets every day with a teaspoon of Ammonium Chloride powder since last fall as per a friends recommendation.
I started to panic last night when I realized this could be UC, should I start a treatment? Thanks.
If they're peeing normally, it makes me wonder if they aren't just feeling "buckish" right now. What you describe is common buck behavior. Keep an eye on them and watch for stretching, straining, pawing or kicking their belly, dribbling urine, or other signs of discomfort, but I wouldn't worry too much about them licking themselves unless they appear distressed.

Until I got all these bucks last year, this would have worried me too. My old wether, Cuzco, has never nibbled or licked at his penis or urine stream, but every one of my other male goats does it. The difference may be that Cuzco was wethered very young in life and was not kept around other goats until he was old, so he never learned how boy goats behave. All my other boys have remained quite fascinated with themselves even after they're neutered. Goats go through a big growth spurt early in their second year, which is also when some of them start showing signs of dominance or aggressive behavior towards each other and even people. They're coming into maturity and are perhaps feeling "manlier" than usual. Definitely keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort or difficulty urinating, but also be on the lookout for signs of them acting more aggressive or touchy than usual. To me they sound more "buckish" than blocked.
I think Nanno has it. If they are peeing normally (a constant steady stream for the most part) and are just doing this on occasion then Id think bucky behavior as well. How were they castrated and when?
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Thanks, that gives me some mental relief, sometimes i just worry too much about them I think haha! I think you are right, I took them for a ride in my truck yesterday because I know they will always stand and pee when they jump out of the truck and they both appear to be "free flowing".
They were castrated young, probably at 2-3 months old. That's why a friend told me I should be supplementing with Ammonium Chloride. We have pretty hard water where i'm at too so I worry that could add to the risk of UC.

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