NFS in AK proposing ban to protect Dall Sheep!
A llama packer posted this on the Facebook Packgoat Group.

The issue has now moved north into the Dall Sheep not just Big Horn!
Goatberries Happen!
Thank you Taffy for bringing this to our attention.
A Quote from the article
“Not that I’m expecting there to be this huge influx all of a sudden of people wanting to walk their goats,” he said. “But, sort of, do people realize this is a highly, highly, highly risky proposition for our Dall sheep.”

Gotta love it. Makes you want to throw up.
Thanks for posting this Taffy! Time for us to break out our letter-writing skills, folks!
Why cant the government run out of money, wither up and blow away already?
Because every time they run out of money they just print more!

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