Name learning
how do you get a goat too learn its name and come too you?, first timer, I have got them too follow me around but when I need too pen them up they seem too try and get away, especially around the yard or pasture where there comfortable,
Time and repetition. Plus peanuts. Smile

I repeat their name over and over again while I am doing anything with them - especially something like like such as scratching them.

I use "Come Goats!" when I want them to come to me and always reward them with a peanut when they come. After they learn the words you don't need to use the peanuts all of the time.
Goatberries Happen!
We use animal crackers, but same principle! Smile
Repeat the name many times and the goat will remember after some time
I am also a first timer and little bit wonder. A goat really can remember a person name?
Yes, a goat can remember the name you give him. It takes a few weeks to a few months of using it and rewarding him when responds. I think babies are pretty slow to learn their names but I changed the name of a 4 year old alpine who picked up on it in a few weeks.
I'm not sure my goats know their names; they both respond to either name. I say "come on, kids" when I want them to follow me on the trail. At home it usually means "get in your stall, I'm on my way with your dinner", and they dash out of the feed room (where they had been watching me prepare their dinner) and go to predetermined spots in their stall for bed.

If I'm not home from work before dark, my dad puts them to bed. They don't like him very much and won't go in their stall even after he puts their bowls down. Then he decided to try taking the box of raisins out there with him. They were climbing the fence before he was even at the gate XD

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