Poll: How man overnight trips do you take with your goats, yearly?
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0 overnights; day hikes only
1 10.00%
1-3 trips per year
4 40.00%
4-8 trips per year
3 30.00%
More than 8 trips per year
2 20.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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How many overnight trips do you do with your goats each year?
Looking at all the great advice & resources on this forum, got me to wondering: how often we do go overnight with our goats on the trail? Not talking about car-camping, or day hikes, but actual backpacking? This would include hunting trips, of course. Not how many nights? But how many INDIVIDUAL trips that might consist of at least one overnight spent on the trail?
I have a 30 day trip on my bucket list....in the Wind River Range. I'd like to fly fish 20 lakes or so during the trip.
Phil and I are such pansies... we pretty much only do day hikes. Neither one of us is much into camping, and Phil gets back aches when he sleeps on the ground. I usually sleep good, but I do love my hot showers. Wink
Just so you know, there are cots available such as the lightweight Helinox Cot One that fits into the ACID RAIN panniers. I no longer care to sleep directly on the ground anymore. I combine this with an air mattress and it is incredibly comfy.

Also, Dave Suisse brings a solar shower that we use. Works pretty well in the back country.
It makes a big difference, Nanno, to get a hot shower now & then! We bring a solar shower as well. Even if the sun doesn't warm the water enough, you can always heat water on a camping stove to bring the shower up to temperature.

I see the Helinox Cot weighs a little over 4 lbs. I pack a lightweight air mattress, the Neoair. I also started bringing small stools because I was getting really tired of sitting on the ground when I am cooking, or hanging out in camp. They weigh about 1 lb each.

The Wind River Trip sounds incredible! In Idaho, we are so fortunate to live a short distance from a number of wilderness areas. We are planning a longer (8-10 day) trip to the Frank Church late this summer or early fall. I love the idea of planning "loop" hikes, or hiking to one spot, establishing a "base camp," and doing day-hikes from there.
Phil loves a good air mattress, but I get cold so I prefer to sleep on the ground with a pad except that sleeping pads tend to run away from me during the night. I might do better to just cut to the chase and sleep on the bare ground. Sometimes less is more.

My least favorite part about camping: I always have to pee during the wee hours of the morning. Without fail. Doesn't matter how little I drink or how much I pee before bed--I always have to go during the coldest part of the pre-dawn hours. Perhaps I should start wearing Depends to bed on camping trips. Tongue
Last year was my first year of goat packing, I did 7 nights camping with them with 2 trips, the last trip which was 5 nights was a 35 miler into my high country hunting grounds. I am absolutely chomping at the bit to get hiking this year as I want to double that amount to prepare them better for the September 1st bow opener

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