Diet for does
Hello's been a while since I've made it on here. Hope all is well.
I'm curious what a good grain is for my does? One needs to put on a little weight and hoping the other is bred.
Thanks for all the help.
Dairy quality alfalfa is the best for putting on weight. Say a 3rd or 4th cutting. It has far beyond anything any grain can offer. If you have to use grain, a boer goat grower maybe.
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I'm with Dave. A high quality alfalfa will help put weight on your doe without the risks grain presents. If you haven't been feeding a high quality hay introduce it slowly by mixing it with the feed you are currently using.
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Okay. Thank you to the store.
you can also add BOSS and linseed cake. Did you check if she has worms? Teeth ok?
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I'm with Sanhester. Have you checked her teeth and done a fecal?
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Hey Guys well i think Dairy quality alfalfa is the best one.Thanks!!

Hello all. Thanks for the info! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back on here.
We have added some alfalfa flakes and a mix of alfalfa pellets, soybean meal and beet pulp. She has started to put on some weight very nicely. Has great personality and energy levels.
The pregnant doe is doing wonderful have been able to feel kids moving and the other day, saw her belly giggle when one kicked. Heart

Crap...meant jiggle. Lol

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