Cold Weather Clothing
I want to buy some cold weather clothing for my husband. What do you guys wear and how do you layer it so you are protected but not bulky?
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The new lines of long johns are extremely warm and add almost no bulk. I like the silk blends, some brands can be expensive. I work both outside and inside sometimes back and forth all day, I usually wear a set of long johns then t shirt, hoodie, and one of those quilted insulated flannel shirt/jackets. I get by almost all winter with that setup. That's for work and casual, for hunting I wear the best camo I can afford lol.
I hate to name brand advertise but I live in Under Armour for mid-weight, for expedition weight it's Patagonia fleece, both are close to the skin with amazing ability to stay warm even when damp. I am a washable wool lover so I have Smartwool and my husband wears First Lite. Todays wool is beautifully soft, warm, non-bulky and easy to care for. Personally I find silk does not dry well if you get damp. We tend to be active so quick dry works well and is safer for us when we are a long way from home. Nike is putting out a line of quick dry wool. Usually wool is not quick dry but is warm even when damp.
The layering theory is often built on a quick dry fitted base layer near the skin, insulation is the mid-layer which can very according to a persons needs and a weather resistant shell on the outer layer. I avoid cotton of any kind unless I am staying close to home as when it gets wet you get cold fast.

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