would anyone be interested in a book about goat packing?
I'm a writer and I can tell when a new book idea is brewing...do you guys think people would be interested in a story about life on the trail with goats? The story may be low on human characters, as I tend to avoid people, but the goats are pretty interesting characters themselves and may provide some good drama (Cricket doesn't like hikes, Tito is torn between following me and running home after Mamma, Olive just wants to be accepted by her mama and big brother, etc). I've done some short trips (and lots of car rides in the old Toyota Tercel with all 3), but I'm planning a longer backpacking trip in the next year or so where I'd like to stay out for at least a couple months, looking for good caves and practicing primitive skills (fire making, etc), and living mostly on wild plants and the yogurt I make from Cricket's milk. There may be some amusing tourist interactions, hopefully not a lot of wildlife encounters, personal reflections, and pack goat info. Let me know any thoughts you guys have and what do you think would interest readers, and I will take them into consideration, if I decide to actually go ahead with this project.
Who is your target audience?

It would probably be something I would read.
Target audience: Anyone, really: I'd like to keep it light and entertaining, and I'll try not to use swear words (though this can be difficult of course when you're speaking to goats).
I would read just about any book if it has packgoats! Sounds very intriguing!
Yes sounds fun. Am I correct when I assume its a story about you trying to survive the journey to the north to escape the chupacabras down south? Keeping just ahead of them, and eventually, during a battle with them, you wind up with a chupa-cub. The cub is raised on goat milk and when he learns of the fate of his family, he runs away into the darkness. You continue onward along the train tracks, but to your shock you see a train slowly approaching, heading north! Just as you're about to climb on the train, you are attacked by the swarm of chupacabras! As the battle looks bad, and the goats are wearing down in the fight, the cub appears with an army of sasquach to save the day! This allows you the moments you need to grab the ladder on the train and hoist the goats into the open box car. The day is saved and you ride the train north into the sunset. As you go, the chupa cub waves and sheds a tear.
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You are totally correct. Smile
I would read it! If you do write it be sure and tell us! Wink

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