Loss of strength in the back end while on the trail
I have to mature Saanen goats that are good packers but twice now when a solid high mountain rainstorm hits, their back ends have gone out on them and they barely have enough strength to support their own weight.I give them a day off and the next day they pack fine.  Has anybody experience this?
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What a strange problem! I've never heard of such a thing. Do they get terribly cold during the rainstorm? I mean, I don't know that cold would make their back ends not work, but maybe if they were shivering violently that could have something to do with it? I don't know... cold and wet shouldn't make their back ends stop working. I know that goats get very hunchy when they are wet though, so I wonder if they scrunch up in such a way that their saddles start pinching the nerves in their spines? You didn't mention whether they were saddled or not during the storms. I'd love to hear more details about this such as, at what point during/after the storm did you notice the problem begin? Were they actually out in the storm or under a tarp? Were they saddled or unsaddled? Did the problem appear to originate in their backs, hips, or hind legs?
How old are your goats?

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