Sopris Halters - Sizes 1, 2 & 3
I love Sopris X halters! They are the only ones I recommend for goats because they are the only ones that routinely fit! I have a few extras that I'm willing to part with. My goats are large enough as weanlings that I usually start them in size 3, but folks who have Swiss breeds with narrower heads or smaller Dwarf crosses may need to start with size 1 or 2. 

I've got one size 1 halter, four size 2 halters, and three size 3 halters for sale. All are in brand new condition. I just had to wash some dust off.  

Size one is purple and it fits little babies or young Pygmy or Dwarf goats. 

Size 2 fits my 2-4 month old goats, but my goats have notoriously large heads. It would probably fit older goats if they are pure Alpine, and it would be perfect for young Dwarf and Dwarf crosses. I have two red and two blue. 

Size 3 is what I start my kids out in after they are weaned. It usually lasts them from ~4-6 months through ~12-18 months, which is a prime age for halter training. I have two red and one blue available. 

Brand new, these halters go for ~20 each on the Sopris site. I am selling them for $10 apiece. 
I am located in Colorado. 
719-489-2732 (no texts!) 


Size 1 (pictured on 2 month old Alpine/Nubian doeling)

Size 2 (pictured on 2.5 month old Alpine/Nubian buckling)

Size 3
The size 1 and size 3 halters are all sold. I still have 3 of the size 2 halters available: 1 blue, 2 red.

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