Northwest Saddles - Like New!
Someone in my area recently got out of packgoats and I got some of his used equipment. It's more than I need so I'm selling some of it. I have two Northwest packsaddles with pocket pads in like-new condition. It looks like they were maybe used one time. These saddles with pocket pads sell new from The Rust Pack for over $200 each. There are also two sets of panniers that go with each saddle. Each saddle has a large set and a small set of panniers. The smaller panniers have only one pocket and would be perfect for day hikes or an overnight. The larger panniers have a main pocket, two side pockets, and a front pocket. Both sets also come with an overstrap to keep the panniers from flying up or coming dislodged from the crossbucks when your goat jumps over log or lays down. The panniers sell new for about $125 - $150/set. A complete set of saddle + 2 types of panniers costs $450 - $500 brand new. 

I am located in Colorado and I'm asking $300/set. 
719-489-2732 (no texts!)


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