Help! What's Max Dose Penecilyn I Can Give Goat?
Around 175 lbs. Injured wrapping electric wire around one leg...took off most of skin, now infected. I gave him 3 ml today. Feed store recommended 1-2 ml for 7 days but is 7 days too long? Will I wind up with antibiotic-induced coocidiosis? 

Usually the recommended dosage of penicillin for a goat is 5cc per 100 lbs. so you are currently underdosing him. Sounds like he needs about 7-8cc's per day. You can inject half that amount but do it every 12 hours. It's best if you can inject it IM, but usually easier to inject SQ. Just make sure you don't hit a blood vessel. Pen G is fatal if injected into a vein. A normal course is 5-7 days. I've never heard of penicillin causing coccidiosis. However, I know antibiotics can mess with the gut microbiome, so I usually feed probiotics when I have to give a course of antibiotics.

Are you using any topical antibiotics on the wound? I love my Wonder Dust, and Blu-Kote is also a good choice (though it stings!). Nu-Stock can also be a good choice for certain types of wounds. Good luck!

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