4.5 YO Nubian Wether - experienced. Denton, TX
Chester by the numbers:
·      a 4.5 year old Nubian pack goat. 
·      Born Nov 2018
·      His weight ranges from ~160-175#, averages 165#
·      He is 34.5” at the withers
·      $800 – for sale only to a fellow pack goater
·      Located in Denton, TX
What I love about Chester:
·      I am the 3rd owner – have had him for the past 2 years
·      First owner- As a baby, was bottle fed by a 4H kid.  He outgrew the kid, and was given to my cousin.
·      Second owner – my cousin raises kiko’s - Chester lived in a heavy wooded ~100 acre parcel of land and “ran” with his herd.  Lived IN THE WOODS during that time.
·      I got him in 2021 from my cousin because I really liked his build, and I thought he could make a great pack goat.
·      Chester is an absolute sweetheart.  He will buddy up to any human, goat or cow.
·      I’ve used him to pack a couple deer. 
·      I also used him for a week-long scouting trip in summer 2022 in Colorado.
·      I’ve also taken him on a 5 day elk trip last fall 2022.
·      He has really large hooves and is very sure footed.
·      He is easily the most confident/nimble of my lot of 6 pack goats in navigating blowdowns, water, etc. He walks with confidence because he lived in the woods for so long.  Blowdowns don’t confuse him at all.   
·      His hooves grow pretty normal, making him easy to trim. 
·      He’s very lean, and packs very efficiently.
·      Has long legs and a skinny torso – very high ground clearance. He just “steps over” a ton of stuff that other goats would hop over, or jump up on.
·      If I could have 6 Chesters, I’d love that. Favorite goat in my string.
·      He loads great in the back of a truck.  If the tailgate is down, he figures it’s time to roll and will gladly load.
·      He is crazy strong.  If you have him on a leash, try and keep up.  Chester is a mover and has incredible pull strength.
·      I’ve heard that Nubians tend to be lazy or noisy, but he’s neither. 
Chesters liabilities:
·      He’s too danged nice.  Other goats tend to abuse him, and he doesn’t “fight back” hardly at all.
·      One of his jerk brothers horned him so hard in the left hip in early April 2023 that it broke the skin. 
o  I had to have him stitched up.
o  He’s recovering fine, but I just can’t “run” him with his jerk Alpine brothers in good conscience. 
·      Nubian horns don’t look that cool.
If you are interested, lets talk on the phone about him.  I’ll tell you everything I know, and I’ll miss Chester when he’s gone. PM me.

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also, I have heard that nubians tend to be noisy and lazy. Chester is neither.
Chester looks awesome! I'm not in the market for any more goats myself, but I hope you find an incredible packing home for him!
Tried to pm you and message you here. Is he still available? Am in Texas and am interested. My goat's also nubes and nube-lamancha mixes.
(06-19-2023, 04:20 AM)blackie's maiden Wrote: Tried to pm you and message you here. Is he still available? Am in Texas and am interested. My goat's also nubes and nube-lamancha mixes.

yes, he's still available.  sorry I'm slow in responding.  I dont get on here often enough. 

I will send you my contact info via pm. 


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