I recently found and joined an organization that is involved with protecting our rights as outdoors people in Washington. 

As many of us are aware WDFW has become very unfriendly to those of us who recreate in WA.  The WDWF has been illegally stacked with people who don't even know their job or basic wildlife info. They have been making decisions that only serve their special interests.  I won't keep going on all this as we all know.

I spoke to a WWC person at a recent sportsman show and learned they are getting ready to file a suit against the governor over the illegal commission. They are currently gathering other groups and organizations to join them.
I've asked for contact info to who ever we need to contact at WWC. This is something I think NAPGA should seriously look into supporting due to the recent decisions the WDFW commission has made concerning packgoats. 

Who at NAPGA could I send contact info to in order to get a connection going to get behind this?

Also please share this info to everyone!!! A membership is not expensive and can go a long ways in supporting our rights to outdoor recreation of all types.



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