Pack goats and gear for sale
I have 3 lightly used pack frames from butthead packgoats, bantam and northwest pack goats, all wood type and barely used. With that it has 3 to 4 sets of 1000D Cordura panniers, If you have seen roll top signature series panniers , thay are just like that. I have used this gear maybe twice. Also have tie outs, spray bottles, orange screws, collars, bells, about 10 cotton canvas meat bags ( never used) a long with 3 Lamacha and 1 Alpine goats ranging in age 3 to 5 years. All packed before and have done well. And not real gun shy. And in really good health.   I’m going for my pilots Licenses and just don’t spend much time with them. Not really looking to breakup the package. And asking $ 1200.00
Located in Clarkston, Washington 
I have an ad on Lewiston Idaho Craigslist with pictures 
If or when you decide to sell the panniers separately I'd be interested.
Maybe post some pics of the boys.


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