An Awesome Christmas Gift
Over late summer and fall, Phil and I made friends with a couple, Zen and Vanessa, who recently moved to our area. Zen built us a 20,000 gallon rainwater cistern that, when full, should supply all of our household needs through many months of drought. Zen and Vanessa both fell in love with our goats and hope to get their own someday. For Christmas, Vanessa knitted some lovely, warm hats for Phil and I (I'm sure you'll see them eventually in future blog posts), and Zen painted these gorgeous watercolor pictures of Finn and dear departed Sputnik. I'm amazed that he was able to do such a great job from looking at a couple of my blog post pictures on a tiny cell phone screen. These now occupy a special place in our dining room.



What beautiful paintings and such special gifts!
Goatberries Happen!
Haha its funny how, suddenly, things show up that you'd run into a burning house to save.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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