You have to start somewhere, 1st "real" hike!
Okay, don't laugh but I'm really proud of my little guys. They're not quite 5 months old and we did our first real hike today. We covered about 4 1/2 miles and they did great. I even tied them in a string and they did just fine though they were "walked down" a bit by then. Otherwise we likely would have had a train wreck! I was proud of my daughter too, going the whole distance without complaining. We examined deer tracks and the difference from goat tracks, found turkey tracks, and the highlight of the day, some bear tracks! We went into a logged over area and followed an easy gravel logging road. I took the goats there last week but it was hot and I headed back when they started panting like dogs. Here's some pictures:
[Image: SAM_2239_1169_zpsda1d39bd.jpg]

[Image: SAM_2258_1182_zpsd0cbd612.jpg]

[Image: SAM_2268_1168_zpsf1bc39dc.jpg]

[Image: SAM_2266_1163_zps3feafe0c.jpg]

[Image: SAM_2249_1184_zps540d88fe.jpg]

[Image: SAM_2253_1165_zps08046a72.jpg]

[Image: SAM_2272_1180_zpsf77c7dc9.jpg]

[Image: SAM_2243_1187_zps8bfc5b9e.jpg]

Overall we had a great time. The goats seemed to enjoy it too and I was very pleased at how they did. I can hardly wait until we can start packing with them though there will be many more fun hikes before. We came home with tired goaties. They just lay around all afternoon, chewing their cud.
Looks like you guys had a great time. You have the makings of a great pack string! We have been having fun as a family getting out with our young goats too. What part of the country is that? It's beautiful.
Yeah I agree-- Thats going to be a great team of goats! Cute kid, too. Kids of all kinds, I guess. I'm still trying to figure out her shirt. One of those things that makes ya go "Hummmm"

You have some nice color in those goats. 5 months old is old enough to do about anything. I've climbed mountains with goats that age. They did almost great! :o)
Wish my grand daughter was big enough to do something like that. At 4 she's not quite ready to cover a lot of ground even with the goaties. Looks like a great day!
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Nebs, it's western North Carolina. Our mountains are indeed beautiful and in spite of what many believe, very rugged. Some areas are extremely thick with impenetrable vegetation. Pretty much hiking is a trail only activity. This particular area was logged a year ago which provideed a big wide "trail" in the form of a logging road. I figured that would be easier for starting out.
Charlie Horse, she was in a church play called "God's All Star Circus", that should explain the shirt.
DD, she isn't a girly girl at all, preferring fishing, hiking, camping, etc. To more typical "girl" activities. If she stays interested in the activity, she'll give it her all. Last year it cost me quite a few quarters, M&M's, pins for her vest and a continual game of "spot the groundsquirrel" to get her up Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone NP. That's a 6 mile round trip hike that goes to over 10k ft. I was proud of her on that trip. She asked me on yesterday's hike if we could go on a camping trip with the goats!

Thanks for all the kind comments, i look forward to raising and training th goats and many enjoyable trips.
What a great start! It only gets better from there Smile
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They're so much fun at that age. What am I saying? Goats are fun at any age!

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