anyone used pellets or compressed hay bales?
Hey, I was wondering if anyone had experience feeling alfalfa pellets or compressed bales? It wouldn't be my first choice, but my area is experiencing hay shortages due to bad weather conditions. I am definitely going to get some hay, but it is far away and I have to use a friend's truck to get there, so it would be good to reduce the amount of truckloads. The pellets I could just get delivered.

Would it be okay to supplement the goats' diet with pellets, or at least buy some until I can secure a good supply of hay? I have 2 milk goats and 6 babies that were born this spring (5 wethers, 1 female). They would be getting plenty of browse as well, because I walk them and they get to come out of their pen when I'm home.
I used alfalfa pellets in pretty much the same situation a few years ago, and my goats did very well on them. If they aren’t used to lush browse or protein rich hay, their poop might get a little clumpy or loose, but mine went straight from only hay to only pellets and suffered no ill effects. They might be super piggy the first day or two thinking it’s like grain and a rare treat, but then they realize it’s just greens in a different shape and stop gorging themselves
For wethers, you might want to adjust their calcium to phosphorus ratio somehow to avoid stones. I’m not an expert of wether’s health, so I can’t advise you there. I have does.
We are facing same problems here. Availability of hay, almost zilch.

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