The End of an Era
This morning we said goodbye to my beloved friend, Sputnik. He had developed a chronic lameness that was getting worse by the day even with heavy painkillers. I won't go on about it now because I have family visiting, but suffice to say that I miss him terribly and there will be a big hole in our herd with him gone. You were something special and I'll sure miss ya, ol' buddy.  
My heart hurts for you Nan.  Sputnik was a wonderful goat.
Goatberries Happen!
My heart aches for you! I met Sputnik, and loved him at first sight! He was a great goat!
Oh Nan!  I am so sorry to hear about Sputty Sputnik!  I will never forget the time we taught him to swim when we were at the Island Park Rendezvous, he made such a racket, you would have thought we were trying to drown him. Big Grin   
Or the time we all summited 14,321 Uncompahgre Peak, after the Rendezvous in Lake City, with more goats than humans.  He was such a character & will surely be missed.  May these memories be a blessing to you & Phil--Saph

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